Genius Bar

Since reading all of Reid’s blog, I’ve been thinking about the days when I used to be a more prolific blogger. I used to complain profusely about silly things (because I thought it was funny), and skip over the stuff that really bothered me. Recently, something happened to me that is totally something I would have complained about.

Last night I came back to my apartment to find my Airport Extreme unresponsive. I tried finding it in the Airport Utility. No joy. I unplugged it. I tried a hard reset. I unplugged it again and let it sit for a while. I tried it in a different outlet. I tried everything, and eventually not even the status light would turn on. So, I made an appointment for the Genius Bar. Tonight, I drove up to Palo Alto for my appointment. After waiting for 20 minutes, they plugged in my Airport. I wondered if it would magically work since it was unplugged for a day. I opened my computer and it recognized the Airport. Everything was working. Ugh.

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