Gift cards and politicians

Recently, Nelson let me know about a piece of idiot marketing he received. It was a gift card, that if used, would enroll him in a fraud protection service for his credit card (and cost him $8 a month). I just received the same thing today. I only opened it because I’m expecting a cash-back check soon. Fortunately, if the company stays true to its word,┬áthis silliness should stop by the end of the month.

And I’m glad the most recent election is over, because my mailbox has been stuffed with a bunch political junk over the past few weeks. I’m not even registered with a party. If I did have to register for a party, I’d join the birthday party. Those are usually fun, except for the awkward singing part.

3 thoughts on “Gift cards and politicians”

  1. The Birthday Party – No Candle Left Behind, and the War on Ice Cream; two very hot-button issues for this party. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  2. Ditto on the political mail. That stuff went straight from my mailbox to the recycling and made me cry for trees and wasted time.

  3. Nate: Don’t quit your day job.
    Rowyn: Funny that one of the candidates sent me paper junk claiming that he was “green before it was hip.”

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