How do I Become Mrs. Wysz?

Submitted via the Personal Wyszdom request:

How do I Become Mrs. Wysz?

This question is for the benefit of all Wysz stalkers everywhere! What about a girl impresses The Wysz?…What would a girl have to do to land a date with you?

Even though I set up this advice column to answer questions mostly asked by guys about their relationships, I get personal questions like this all the time. In fact, 1/3 of all submissions to that form so far have asked this question. There are really a bunch of questions in here, so let me tackle them one by one. It’s pretty late and I have work in the morning, so I’ll just answer these quickly. Feel free to send me a followup message or post in the comments below.

How to become Mrs. Wysz:
This one is pretty easy. Just marry Mr. Wysz. He’s probably Polish.

What about a girl impresses me:
Fire dancing almost always works but is not required.

What a girl would have to do to get a date with me:
She doesn’t have to do anything. But to get bonus points and increase her chances with a shy guy like me, she could just flip that gender role around and, you know, ask.

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