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What is the best way to decorate/organize my room to appeal to the ladies?

Is that creepy? I recently watched a video that said ending any sentence with “ladies” makes you sound like a creep. (4:00)

I don’t want to sacrifice my style (toys). I also don’t want it to look like a girl’s room.

You can make almost anything not creepy as long as you indicate that you’re doing it as a joke. So if you want to end your sentences with “ladies,” just make sure the ladies have seen that video.

Let me first tell you about my room, because I’ve done it all wrong so far. It has no personality. My walls are bare and white, there is nothing on my shelves, and my sheets are black. If you took a color picture of it, it would still look black and white. Upon seeing it for the first time, one of “the ladies” told me “it looks like the place where people go to die.”

Fortunately, you already have a “style,” so you’re halfway there. Let’s first start with what you can use. Continue to display the cute toys. Animals or anything that is plush/soft should be fine. Items which appear violent or look like action figures may be better off in the closet. And think about adding some candles. They may make the room a little more feminine, but scented candles are actually pretty nice once you give them a chance. Consider adding some pictures, but be careful if you use pictures of people. Make sure to keep a few stuffed animals around, and get some soft pillows as well. Plants are an easy way to make a place seem more homey and they’re pretty easy to take care of. Blankets are always good. Keep one nearby wherever you think one of the ladies might decide to perch. Finally, and coincidentally related to the video you linked to, put a guitar in the corner of your room. It doesn’t matter if you can’t play. Just get a guitar. The ladies love that.

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  1. even though the guitar suggestion is an over generalization about “ladies”….you’re right, its hott

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