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Future travel plans?
From: Reid

Where do you plan to travel in the coming year?

I don’t know if this is exactly related to advice, since you’re just asking about me, but I’ll answer it anyway in the hope that it will inspire the travel plans of you and others. Here’s what I’m thinking for upcoming trips:

I’ll go if I find a way to get a free trip. This is pretty likely. There are still plenty of shows there I haven’t seen so it should be fun.

Telluride, CO
I’m going here at the end of this month, but I’d also like to go back in the winter/spring for a few days of skiing.

Bucks County, PA/East Coast Trip
I’ll hit this place up for the major holidays and also try to get in just for fun as well. Always good to go home. And then maybe in the spring/summer I can convince my California friends to do an East Coast trip with a stop at home. This will accomplish two things:

  1. Prove to my friends that the rest of my family is normal.
  2. Prove to my family that I have left my apartment and made friends.

I’ve been told that I’m going here for a concert or something.

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