Brief moment of panic

I’ve had a sore throat since Wednesday night and it hasn’t gotten any better, so I’m seeing a doctor about it in a couple of hours. Since I cannot speak, Beah offered to call and make an appointment for me. She got transferred to an “advice nurse,” who asked me several questions, including: “Any white or yellow patches in the mouth?”

I told Beah to wait a second while I checked. I went to the nearest mirror and pointed a flashlight into my mouth.

Oh no. My tongue was completely white.

I ran my tongue under my teeth as I got a closer look. The whiteness drained away. I’m such an idiot. I was drinking milk.

3 thoughts on “Brief moment of panic”

  1. It was pretty fun having an excuse to ask Wysz very personal questions about his mouth and stuff like “have you recently had an organ transplant.” But I’m glad the “advice nurse” didn’t take it much further than that.

  2. Haha, I’m also glad that the questioning didn’t go much further. I was preparing to quickly answer the question, “Just how much do I trust Beah?”

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