Unexpected behavior

Sometimes web pages don’t behave as you’d expect. Usually this is bad, especially if it’s caused by advertising. I don’t like popups or¬†interstitials. “Page peel” is an effect best left to someone’s first video editing project or the iPhone. I get frustrated when I hover over what looks like a link and it shows me an ad or thumbnail. I complain when I can’t find basic information, have trouble locating important information, or get confused by what looks like an expected element.

Sometimes, however, a surprise is welcome, even if it is an advertisement.

This online store¬†from HEMA seems traditional enough at first glance, but study the design carefully and you’ll see what makes it just a little more lively than a typical product listing.

There are some creative “Get a Mac” ads which break through the boundaries of traditional banner advertising.

And most recently, Nintendo has had fun showing off the fun of Wii with a YouTube channel*.


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