Wysz: Where is he now?

Sometimes when I’m up late, I think of college, when I had the sleeping “schedule” of, well, a college student. “This is just like when I was in school,” I think, as if nothing about me has changed. But I have changed. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this blog entry since I’m in the middle of doing something, so after thinking for a few minutes, I wrote out a list of things that are different about me now compared to when I was in school. I deleted most of the list, because it really boiled down to one thing:

Now, fear of failure or embarrassment does not stop me from trying.

A few years ago, I only tried something if I was relatively sure I could succeed, or at least not fail horribly. I spent most of my time alone in my room.

4 thoughts on “Wysz: Where is he now?”

  1. I don’t think fear of embarrassment gave you pause too often.
    (See: Ridiculously Large Blue Bow Tie)

  2. Great words! I too realized that most people won’t remember me even if I were to do something extraordinarily stupid.. so why not? (caveat: make sure no one has a camera nearby who knows how to youtube =P)

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