Final Cut Pro: Plays fine in sequence, but audio out of sync on export

I lost a few hours to this issue today, so I’m dedicating a blog entry to a simple checkbox to help others:

If your Final Cut Pro sequence plays fine from the project file, but the audio and video get out of sync or there is a rendering glitch when you export a QuickTime movie, try selecting “Recompress all frames” when you export. You can also play around with clearing render files, etc., but this one box seems to do the trick.

11 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro: Plays fine in sequence, but audio out of sync on export”

  1. I cannot thank you enough for posting this tip. I ran across this problem and it was killing me! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve never had this problem before today and of course had a big editing deadline. It works great now and don’t have the problem anymore with the audio being out of sync after I render a movie file. Big Thanks!

  3. Oh God!!!! You helped me get promoted. I had to submit this video as part of my promotion presentation. I had very less time and I was having this audio video sync problem. But lucky me
    I saw your blog and my problem solved.

    Thanks a lot man.

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