Hidden talent

When I don’t have any┬ácommitments, I naturally fall into a nocturnal schedule. This happens on many weekends, including this one where I again find myself awake at 4 AM. At least this time I’m sitting on my couch and able to move, but there’s still a problem: There’s not much to do at 4 AM. So, I’ll let you know about something I brought up once when asked if I had any hidden talents.

Back at my home in Pennsylvania, we have an older CRT-based TV. I learned at an early age (probably when I was around 10-12 years old), that I could consistently get it to do the old-school shrinking circle thing when turning it off. Most of the time, turning it off will not cause it to look exciting at all. But, if I turn it on, and then turn it off right before the picture appears (about five seconds), then it does the cool circle thing.

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