More Halloween costumes

Now that I’m no longer dressed like a wig-wearing Beah, let’s see who and what some other people dressed up as:

Matthew and Santosh

Matthew (right) was one of the first people I saw this morning. He’s “that guy who drives a Miata,” sporting slicked-back hair, two collared shirts, and a Bluetooth headset that he wears when he’s not in the car… or even on a call. Jason’s first reaction: “Are you the CEO of Loopt?”

Santosh (left) is Superfly, and claims that he got his clothes from a thrift store and not his closet.



Sophia is Domo-kun, and plans to wear her costume on non-Halloween days as well.



Beah is Wysz! I had heard rumors of this throughout the week but I was surprised she actually went through with it. I got to see Beah’s impression of me for the first time today. It was enlightening.


Henri and Nelson

Henri and Nelson are bees. Nelson made his own costume after finding out what Henri was. Really.



I never explicitly asked, but I’m pretty sure Rowyn is Alice.



Charlene is Juno. Funny how similar a Juno costume is to a Beah costume. Her pregnancy advanced throughout the day.


Henri as a cute bee

I forgot to tell you what kind of bee Henri is. He’s a “cute bee.”


Koklynn and Evan

Koklynn is a ghost, and Evan is the White Rabbit.



Yanet really went all-out with her Domo-kun costume. I wonder if she plans on wearing it as often as Sophia.



Once again, Mike has found an excuse to wear his underwear on the outside, and is Powdered Toast Man. Last year he was Quail-Man. Notice a pattern?



Henri took a break from being a bee for part of the afternoon and went for the “cute dog” look.



Tiffany kept her costume a secret from me until today, but did hint that it had my favorite elements. She’s a holiday FAIL… with working lights!


Jason and Ann

Jason and Ann took a trip to Walmart and got the trashiest stuff they could find. Looks like they’re late for a NASCAR event. After someone asked Jason if he was Ann (because of being pregnant), I said, “I sure hope you’re not Ann, because you’re ugly.” I am going to take this moment to clarify that I only think he is ugly in that costume. Lurking in the background is Chris dressed as one of the numbered ninjas or whatever it was Matt D. got them to do.



Dan is only “celebrating” ironically.



Rickrolled by Matt! I really should have taken a video, because this wasn’t a simple pose for a picture. The guy was actually dancing, and it looks like he had a lot of practice. He made it to the front page of Digg again for this.



Beah Wysz got his last bit of candy before we headed out. He was really excited about the candy. For more Googler Halloween costumes, check out our post on the Webmaster Central Blog.

What were you for Halloween?

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