My biggest giraffe yet

Oh boy, how do I explain this one? I told Mike this story at lunch* today and he advised me not to repeat it. However, I’m waiting for Beah’s clothes to finish in the washer so I have nothing else to do.

Sometimes I think of ideas, including jokes, while I’m still waking up. It’s at these times that I often come up with a creative solution to a problem at work or a great idea for a blog entry. But sometimes the idea is just silly.

This morning, for some reason I was thinking about the similarity of the words gaffe and giraffe. I thought it would be hilarious if I would make some incredible mistake, nay, a series of mistakes, involving giraffes. When the media covers it (in my half-conscious/half-dreaming state I must have thought I was famous), the headline could read: “Wysz’s biggest giraffe yet.” Get it?

I’m still giggling tonight just thinking about it.

*Lunch was awesome, by the way. Potstickers, bacon fried rice, some noodles, watermelon, and mini cinnamon cupcakes, which Mike described as “festive.” They did remind me of the holidays.

2 thoughts on “My biggest giraffe yet”

  1. I can respect this. I’ve thought a lot about the humor in misspelling ‘mispeling’ or a typo in the word ‘tpyo’. Funny on so many levels. Some people just don’t understand.

  2. I’m glad at least one person finds this funny.

    I think one problem with your giraffe fantasy is that if the media did indeed print a headline that read “Wysz’s biggest giraffe yet”, I would probably interpret it to mean that you’re a giraffe rancher and you recently acquired your largest animal to date. Since I haven’t been impressed with the large size of giraffes since I was 5, this would not be news to me. Therefore, I would not read the article about your latest “giraffe”.

    Plus, the liberal elite media probably would not cover your story unless some sort of animal cruelty was involved…something like low ceilings in the indoor portion of your giraffe ranch.

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