Christmastime – Bayberry candle

bayberry candle burning

We Need a Little Christmas

“We Need a Little Christmas” performed by Johnny Mathis is today’s song pick. Johnny Mathis does a good job, and “We Need a Little Christmas” is the opening song in A Muppet Family Christmas, although Mathis doesn’t perform it.

Bayberry candle

On Christmas Eve at 6 PM, my family lights a bayberry candle and we let it burn down until it extinguishes itself.

10th in a series of Christmasy things.

One thought on “Christmastime – Bayberry candle”

  1. In Ireland, everybody puts a candle in their window pretty much for the whole Christmas season. It’s always lit by the youngest child in the house. I was born in November, and my sister is eleven months younger than me, so I never got to do it. I think this explains a lot about my adult life.

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