Christmastime – Advent calendar

decoration that says Happy Holidays

Christmas Wrapping

Today’s song pick is “Christmas Wrapping” performed by The Waitresses.

Advent calendar

I don’t believe I don’t have a picture of it, but I can’t find one right now. Our family has an Advent calendar which we use every year to count down the days until Christmas. Most Advent calendars you may be familiar with have small doors that you open, revealing a picture or perhaps even a treat. Ours is a bit different, and was sewn by my mom. It’s a felt Christmas tree, covered in green and gold sequins. At the top is a star, and at the bottom are 24 numbered pockets. Each pocket contains a wooden ornament for the tree. There’s a bear helping to decorate it. Each day, one of the children takes the ornament from the appropriate pocket and hangs it on one of the sequins. It looks similar to this tree, but I’ll try to get a picture of ours when I go home.

I remember in preschool we made chains made out of interlocking strips of red and green construction paper. They may have been purely decorative, but I think I remember part of the idea being that you would take off one link every day to count down to Christmas.

18th in a series of Christmasy things.

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