Christmastime – Cookies

bowl of unbaked chocolate crinkles

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Ever since I heard their version of “Deck the Halls” on the radio, Mannheim Steamroller has been one of my favorite artists for Christmas music. I have listed their crazy-awesome rendition of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” when asked for my favorite song, Christmas or otherwise. I prefer listening to it just after the not-as-rocking (but still cool) version on their Christmas album, as both tracks together make it a more complete experience. On one 45 minute journey from my high school to my house, I drove the entire way with the volume turned up and this song on repeat.

I don’t think I can update this anymore, so it’s missing new stuff, but a while ago I created this iMix, which at one point was the #1 ranked iMix on the iTunes Music Store when someone searched for [Mannheim Steamroller].

Christmas cookies

One of the greatest parts of the season is baking and eating Christmas cookies. My family is really into this, and we like to make a variety of cookies. I’d be happy only eating a couple of types, but I really like knowing that the other options are there, and seeing them arranged on a plate. It’s like going to a bar— you would be fine if they just have the few ingredients necessary to make your regular drink, but seeing the different bottles lined up and available for the bartender’s use gives you a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Although my cooking experience is limited, I have always liked to help out with the cookies. I believe I started out by putting sprinkles on spritzes and pretzel-shaped cookies that we used to make. From there, I graduated to more skillful tasks, such as rolling chocolate crinkles (I always want to spell it as “krinkles,” like “Kringle”), placing Reese’s peanut butter cups in the peanut butter temptations, or cranking out spritzes. In fact, for many years now, I’ve been the master of the spritzes. It takes just the right timing and rhythm, and I have it.

My favorite cookie is vanilla meringues with chocolate chips. My family has been known to hide them from me, and there have been friendly battles over the last cookie of the season, resulting in a crushed cookie. My grandmother used to make them when we visited in the summer, and one year I remember hearing my sister yell, “Don’t let Michael get into the meringues!” like I was the family dog.

My grandfather is known to have the sweetest tooth in the family, and when I was younger I remember hearing him be called the cookie monster. His thoughts on cookies? Here’s a quote: “I’ve never seen a cookie that I didn’t like.”

4th in a series of Christmasy things.

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  1. you just made it in the Saint Nick of time!

    I’ll have to digitally share some of my mom’s cookies when I head back east in a few weeks.

  2. You have really excellent taste in Christmas music. That Mannheim Steamroller stuff is incredible!

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