Christmastime – Mad Lib



Winter Wonderland

“Winter Wonderland,” reportedly inspired by a scene in the Poconos, is today’s song pick. There are plenty of good versions of it, and since people at work have joked that I listen to Michael Bolton on my headphones (I don’t… well except for right now), I’ll go ahead and recommend his version. Johnny Mathis also does a good job.

Mad Lib

Sophia recently sent me a story on NPR about two men who have been sending the same Christmas card to each other for 60 years. She said that it reminded her of me, and is what would happen if I met my twin. My aunt and uncle have a similar tradition. I’m afraid I don’t have the full details tonight, but maybe I’ll send this off to my aunt so she can fill in the blanks in the next few days. Hmm, blanks… let’s do this Mad Lib-style:

Item 1: “Aunt” OR “Uncle” (pick one): ________
Item 2: Relative NOT chosen above: _________
Item 3: Movie Title: _________

One year, my [item 1] bought my [item 2] a copy of [item 3] for Christmas, and put it in my [item 2]’s stocking. A year later, [item 3] had not been watched or opened by my [item 2]. My [item 1] wrapped it back up and put it in my [item 2]‘s stocking again. [Item 3] has been wrapped and placed in my [item 2]‘s stocking every year since the tradition began.

I’ve been providing pictures, stories, and song titles, but if you want to have the full multimedia Christmas experience, head on over to Rowyn’s blog for a playlist of Christmas videos. First up: “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

16th in a series of Christmasy things.

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