Christmastime – Perfection

game of perfection with motion blur

Perfection, Christmas 2004.

Sleigh Ride

Today’s song pick is “Sleigh Ride.” There are plenty of good performances of it; writing this post I listened to the Boston Pops, Johnny Mathis, Kenny G, and Leroy Anderson.


Many years ago, at one of the Christmas dinners I described yesterday, the kids (which I was one of) started playing Perfection, a game where two people (or teams) race to match uniquely shaped plastic pieces onto a board. The first team that finishes pushes a button, which unlatches the opposing team’s board, allowing it to spring upward and send the pieces flying.

I had fun, but my sisters and my cousins must have really liked it, because they’ve been playing each other every year, on the same teams, for what I believe has been over ten years now. Their games get pretty intense, and there is plenty of trash talk. It’s a nice tradition.

Alright, I’m off to a Christmas party. I don’t know if we’ll play Perfection.

12th in a series of Christmasy things.

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