Christmastime – The visitor

guinea hen looking in window

Wonderful Christmastime

“Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney is today’s song pick.

The visitor

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart we had an unexpected visitor at our front door. On Christmas morning, we found a guinea fowl looking in the window. And we think it really liked watching us, pacing back and forth, looking in to our warm home. Even as we went right up to the window, the visitor wasn’t scared and just stared back at us. We went on with our morning, letting our feathery neighbor from the nearby farm just hang out. At one point my sister Julie went into the other room to play some Guitar Hero on the computer. She was startled to find the bird had followed her and flown up to the window ledge in the room next to the front door and was looking in intently as ever. I think she was a little freaked out (she has issues with birds, but that’s another story), but I thought it was funny.

7th in a series of Christmasy things.

2 thoughts on “Christmastime – The visitor”

  1. I planted the Guinea Fowl at your house — it was actually an actor Guinea Fowl. I bet it felt like a Christmas miracle though.

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