2009 to-do list

I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions, but since Reid doesn’t either and still blogged about it, I’ll list some things I’d like to do this year:

4 thoughts on “2009 to-do list”

  1. +1 for the spontaneous trip

    I made a concerted effort during a summer when I was home from college to try and digitize my families home videos. I failed and short of having to travel home to do it all over again, I can’t do much while I’m here in California. Is this something you plan to do whenever you’re back in Bucks County?

  2. @Reid I plan on doing it in California, taking a small batch of tapes with me with every trip. And of course they’ll all go in carry-on luggage.

  3. Sound like good resolutions to me. One of my friends from Stanford writes a finance blog which you might find interesting if you’re trying to save money more aggressively — I generally find his advice practical and sometimes entertaining, though it doesn’t always apply to everyone: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/

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