Epic dream

I often remember my dreams when I first wake up (or at least the last part of them), but it’s rare that I’m still thinking about it on the way to work. Here are some highlights from last night’s epic dream:

  • I’m home in Pennsylvania late at night and it’s snowing. Reid is there too, and we agree that when the sun comes up we should go outside and take pictures while everything is pristine.
  • I’m witnessing a burglary somehow (two burglars in one house), and then as often happens in my dreams, at some point my point of view changes and I’m actually one of the burglars, and am breaking things out of frustration. Then I have to go out the window and onto the roof, which is kind of cool.
  • A drunk woman breaks my car window in a parking lot and I follow her and call 911, after first misdialing the number, getting someone else, and asking, “Umm, is this 911?”
  • I’m inside the Jeep that I used to drive (in PA), and it’s really clean.
  • It’s Christmas (or around that time) and my extended family is around. My grandfather is wearing his father’s Christmas sweater that he just recently found in storage.
  • I get chickenpox.

4 thoughts on “Epic dream”

  1. This is why you should never drink and watch old family Christmas videos and American’s Most Wanted with Reid before going to sleep.

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