High roller

Earlier today, I was scouring the Internet for cheap deals on Vegas hotel rooms so I could hop in and see a show. I even considered just arriving in the evening and leaving in the early morning so I wouldn’t even have to pay for a hotel room.

But tonight, when I got back to my apartment, I remembered that back in October, during a spontaneous trip to see Blue Man Group, I got pretty lucky in the casino and was able to put a lot of cash through the system in one fun night. After a couple of hours of fun, I left with about $100 more than I walked in with. And the whole time I recorded each play on my Player’s Card.

I logged into my account to see if I could get some sort of discount for being a member. I saw a bunch of offer codes, but didn’t understand what they meant. So, I called the Bellagio because they have a cool fountain, and asked if I could get any promotional deals on an upcoming Saturday. The representative asked for my account number.

Bellagio: “So you want to stay on that Saturday?”
Me: “Sure.”
Bellagio: “Just the one night? You can stay for three.”
Me: “Oh, umm, I’ll call you back.”

Now I’m not going to worry about booking the cheapest flight.

I’ll have to make the most of this experience. Unless I get really lucky again, I don’t think I’ll be able ┬áto impress them enough to get invited back.

4 thoughts on “High roller”

  1. Did you win it on Enchanted Unicorn or Kenny Rogers: The Gambler slot machine?

    Virgin America still has some SFO-LAS flights for $49 each way.

  2. Haha, no neither of those.

    Yeah, I ended up going Virgin America. Never flown them before. It was a little more expensive than $49 each way, but that’s what I get for going on a weekend.

  3. Booked! I also got $50 food/beverage and $150 freeplay. Aside from the flights and cab rides, this trip is coming in at about $0.

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