Medicine cabinet

I’ve been in my current apartment for a year and a half now. As I’ve complained before, I’m not a huge fan of the management’s seemingly endless reasons reasons to enter my apartment, turn off my water, make me move my car, or otherwise remind me that I am not in control of my home. These inconveniences occur at least once a month. Recently, they informed everyone that they had to inspect the bathroom fixtures in every apartment, including the medicine cabinets. I knew my apartment didn’t have a medicine cabinet, but maybe that part of the letter applied to pre-renovation tenants.

Tonight, I found a new letter on my door explaining that they had identified my medicine cabinet as one of the units that needed replaced, because the mirror attached to it was in danger of falling off. Huh? But I don’t have one! Ugh, stupid management… right? I walked into my bathroom and looked at the mirror. It’s right up against the wall, so there can’t be a cabinet behind it. I pulled a little anyway, and WOW, I HAVE A MEDICINE CABINET! It’s just built in to the wall. Man, if I had recessed lighting I’d probably assume my apartment had no light bulbs. I totally see what they mean about the mirror, though. It’s held on with those adhesive circles that you pick up at Target when you want to hang up something light like a postcard. Not that I hang postcards. Matt does with Mariya’s, though. Okay, turning into a rambling post… need sleep.

I wonder if my last apartment had a medicine cabinet. Or the one before that.

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