Quick tip for the Google Mobile App on iPhone

When I saw my cousin at Thanksgiving, shortly after the new version of the Google Mobile App with Voice Search had been released, he said “I don’t even need Safari,” thanks to the app. Well, I agreed that this was true for some queries, but you often need to go beyond the search results and visit one of the pages. By default, the application opens links in Safari. Some people may prefer this, since with the full mobile browser you have access to tabs, bookmarks, etc. However, if you want to simply view a page, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to leave the app?

Fortunately, there’s a way to view pages right within the Google Mobile App. First, you’ll need to access the super-secret “Bells and Whistles” options in Settings. Within the Google Mobile App, tap “Settings” and then scroll down… and keep scrolling until “Bells and Whistles” appears. Then, access “Bells and Whistles” and turn the “Open Links in App” option on.

Now, if you do a search and tap a result, the webpage will open in the Google Mobile App instead of Safari.

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