25 things about me

  1. I haven’t been tagged for this on Facebook; in fact, as of this writing I haven’t seen it mentioned there at all. If I were to participate in it, I would not feel comfortable tagging 25 people.
  2. Data is my favorite character on Star Trek.
  3. According to an online test, I have an ITSJ personality. I had trouble answering many of the questions.
  4. I’m extremely uncomfortable when people show their emotions, especially in non-private settings like at work or in public. Even fake crying freaks me out.
  5. I don’t like to say stock phrases like “you can do it!” or “everything will be okay” if I think it sounds obligatory or don’t believe it.
  6. I don’t trust people.
  7. In college and at work, I’ve always felt like an idiot who managed to sneak into a room full of geniuses.
  8. I didn’t drink until I turned 21.
  9. Every time I see a palm tree, I feel like I’m on vacation.
  10. I’ve never worn a tuxedo.
  11. I often fly across the country without reading a book, listening to music, or watching a movie. Did the same thing in school with Amtrak.
  12. Until I was in college, I thought my friends and I had invented the pool game known as “dibble.”
  13. If I’m driving alone, I don’t mind getting lost at all.
  14. I don’t like situations that involve tipping and/or splitting a bill. It’s too complicated and inconsistent. In both cases, I often end up overpaying to play it safe and avoid math.
  15. When I was pretty young, I fell face-first on a shovel which cut my nose. I had a visible scar for many years.
  16. I’ve never broken any of my bones, but I did hurt my thumb skiing once and it hurt for several years.
  17. I was born on New Year’s Eve.
  18. David Letterman read my letter on the air in 2002. I didn’t tell anyone that it was going to be on (although I found out about it earlier that day), and my aunt screamed when she saw it that night.
  19. I’ve sung and danced on the Disney Channel.
  20. I don’t like to sing or dance in public.
  21. When I was about nine or ten years old, my uncle’s dock collapsed after a big storm. I was the only one who made it to dry land without getting wet, and stood there watching my family wondering why they didn’t do the same thing. If my uncle is telling the story, I walked on water.
  22. I got a C in a course called “Internet.”
  23. I’ve never been good at, a fan of, or knowledgeable about sports. They made me play 1st base once for a single play in my tee-ball career. I can’t remember if it came from the batter or someone on my team, but the ball hit me in the head, my hat fell off, and I didn’t get the out. At the end of my career, they upgraded us to “coach pitch” for a game. After I missed the ball several times, they brought out the tee for me. From what I remember, we have video of it and you can hear spectators saying, “poor kid.”
  24. On The Office, I identify with Jim, but think I’m really more like Dwight and Michael. I think Mike Leotta is Jim.
  25. I considered making a list of 25 Things Not About Me that was all lies, but made this one instead. You can guess if any of the items are lies.

8 thoughts on “25 things about me”

  1. re: #3: I’m INTJ. I don’t know what that really means though.
    re: #6: What about me?
    re: #7: I think we all think that because we’re all idiots.
    re: #22: I thought you invented the Internet?
    re: #23: That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in a while.
    re: #24: I’ve always wanted to be a paper salesman.

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