At work and at play

I recently went on vacation in Telluride, Colorado. Vacations are one of the few times I’m surrounded by non-Googlers, and I was asked several times by my parents’ friends what my day at work is like.

Well, while not totally representative of an average day, here’s what I did on my last day of work before my vacation:

  1. Worked with Albert to figure out how to take portraits of team members, because our manager thought it would be fun.
  2. Did some work for the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel
  3. Went over to Charlie’s (a Google cafĂ©) for some potstickers and David’s bacon fried rice.
  4. Sampled food from a variety of vendors hoping to get our votes to stock their products in our microkitchens.
  5. Spent the afternoon racing members of my team at Gokart Racer.

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