How I should be able to add images in WordPress

I should be able to specify the size of the displayed/scaled image. There’s quite a big jump between 300 pixels wide and 1024, and neither of them are what I want.

A required title attribute? Who do you think I am?┬áRandall Munroe? I don’t need people hovering over my images and seeing the file name. Remove that red star.

And why is the caption and alt attribute the same thing? I want to add alt text, but I don’t want to use the caption at all, partly because I use a super old-school template which doesn’t do much with it. And I think we can assume that any user who can see the image can also see the caption. So if my caption is the same as my alt text, which is a textual alternative of the image, it’s going to be pretty redundant. Don’t make me look like an idiot by having me post a picture of a tree, with a caption below reading: picture of a tree.

I’m spending hours on a Friday night just trying to post some pictures of a vacation. This shouldn’t be that hard.

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