Here’s a public service announcement for all of my readers who have hair and wash it.

I was talking to my uncle today, and he mentioned that it saves him money if he gets his hair cut really short, since he can then go for six weeks without getting it cut again. I suggested that he probably also saves money on shampoo when it’s really short.

He then pointed out that this is only true if you think to adjust your shampoo usage when you squeeze it out of the bottle. And when I thought about it, I’m pretty sure that regardless of length, I always put the same-sized glob of shampoo on my hand before applying. The only case where my usage changes is when my hair gets really long and I add a second coat of shampoo.

So, if you haven’t thought to do this already, try using a smaller glob of shampoo when your hair has been recently cut.

3 thoughts on “Shampoo”

  1. That is a pro tip. I also use only hair products that combine shampoo + conditioner. That way, you buy one bottle instead of two.

  2. I’m shocked–shocked!–by Mr. Yokoyama’s admission that he used combined haircare products. He’s just lost so much of the metro- cred that his Armani Exchange wardrobe had once earned him. Also, the shampoo adjustment is a pro tip. I’ve long adjusted my conditioner usage based on the length of my hair, but haven’t consciously done so with shampoo, because I run through conditioner much faster… I’ll have to give it a go when I next get the hairs chopped off.

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