I went to a midnight screening of Up tonight in 3D. Don’t worry, I won’t post any (major) spoilers; I should probably be getting to bed anyway. A few quick thoughts:

  • It’s a good movie, and this was expected. Pixar doesn’t make bad films. It has a good story and Pixar-level humor.
  • Yes, there’s a new short before the feature, and it got a lot of laughs.
  • I honestly could have done without the 3D. Some fast-motion segments just seemed blurry, and the perspective often felt a bit off. Fortunately there weren’t many gratuitous 3D show-off shots, so it will look fine on any screen. I look forward to seeing it again in full 2D clarity.
  • Yep, John Ratzenberger has a part. A quote from Cars: “They’re just using the same actor for every movie! What kind of cut-rate production is this?”
  • I need to find a snooty theater around here so I don’t have to listen to stupid comments about how every preview is lame.
  • Garrett Popcorn is good. (Thanks, Ai!) And it looks like their webmaster heard that bold text is the secret key to number one rankings for any key phrase.
  • Favorite quote from Ai: “Did you tweet?”

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