Multitasking using OS X’s speech service

Earlier today, I tweeted about having my computer read an article to me while I checked up on things like Twitter and Google Reader, and even did some work. Usually, I use the service to help me multitask while doing things away from my computer, such as while I’m making dinner. This feature has been around forever, but here’s a quick demo in case you haven’t yet discovered it, using an article about NASA trying to blow up the Moon or something:

I love how the synthesized voice takes synthesized breaths.

2 thoughts on “Multitasking using OS X’s speech service”

  1. That’s exactly how I read your blog. Although I like hearing your voice as “Victoria” in the system preferences. Is that weird?

  2. I have to chime in here. In College, I set up an awesome alarm clock that would wake me up. First, it would curl a weather website that I knew had an english description of the weather for my location. I parsed through the html to find the section with the weather report and used the “say” commandline utility to speak it aloud. Then I’d use apple script to start a loud playlist on iTunes so that if I missed the weather, at least I wouldn’t stay asleep.

    Too bad I fried my hard disk when I tried to transfer the guts of my iMac into a cardboard box and make it a headless iMac. It would be fun to see if that script still worked.

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