How I used Google Voice today

I was in a meeting today at work, and my phone started buzzing. I knew what the call was for— my cousin was having a baby, and my mom was calling to tell me. My assumption was confirmed when she texted: “It’s a boy!” She tried calling again, but I had to just let the phone ring because it was a pretty big meeting, I was near the front of the room, and I didn’t want to disturb anyone by stepping out.

While I didn’t want to leave the meeting, I wanted to know what the baby’s name was, and didn’t want this unknown factoid to distract me for the next 30 minutes. I texted my mom back and asked her to leave a voicemail at my Google Voice number with the details.

My phone rang again and went to voicemail. A minute later, I read the transcript and was happy to learn that on July 17th, 2009, Marek was born.

2 thoughts on “How I used Google Voice today”

  1. Why not just ask your mom to text the name? Honest question – I too am looking for reasons to use Google Voice, but I really don’t make enough calls I think to benefit from the switch.

  2. @Matt – Well, I actually asked her to “email/text the details” or leave a message. I figured she might appreciate the voicemail option in case she had more information to add.

    I agree that people like us who don’t make/receive many calls probably won’t notice the advantages of Google Voice as much as heavy phone users. To really make the transition though, you need to install the dialer app so you can call people from your Google Voice number, and they get used to calling you back at it. Plus you can send/receive text messages for free.

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