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I wrote about how to add captions to YouTube a couple of months ago, and now I have something new to add. We’ve uploaded over 100 videos to the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel since launching it in February, and it’s cool to see how often they’re being referenced by webmasters, just like our blog posts and Help Center articles.

One issue with video, however, is that it’s not always the most searchable medium. To help make these videos easier for webmasters to reference, and to make them accessible to more users, we’ve created a new section on our Webmaster Help Forum site to host transcripts of the videos. You might notice that right now the list doesn’t include all 100+ webmaster-related videos, but you can help change that. We’re now accepting user-created captions of our videos, so anyone can contribute a caption file to our collection. We’ll add the captions to the video itself on YouTube as well as host it on our site so webmasters can search for that specific quote they were looking for. If we end up using your captions, we’ll of course mention your name in the video description and on the site, so everyone knows who put in the effort to transcribe the video.

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