Two new things to try with your Android phone

Google Goggles

This is straight out of a science fiction movie. Search the Android Market for Google Goggles and install it. It’s free. Once you have it installed, you can search just by taking a picture. Don’t know what that famous landmark is? Take a picture of it. Want to look up online deals on a product? Take a picture of it. Learn more about its current capabilities on the official site.

New version of Google Maps for mobile

This is also available in the Android Market. If you’ve already downloaded a previous version of Google Maps from the Market, you should see “Update available” if you click on the Downloads tab in the Market app. One new feature is called “What’s nearby?” which, as you’d expect, tells you what businesses are near a specific location. This version also introduces Google Maps for mobile Labs, which allows you to test new features. I’m currently trying out “Compass arrow.” You can learn more about this new version on the Google Lat Long Blog. And don’t forget that on Android you get free turn-by-turn navigation!

For those of you who want to see a quick demo of Goggles, I just took a few pictures of things from my desk. There’s no audio in the videos since I took them at work. 🙂

Update: I’ve written a new post about a use of Google Goggles.

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