A better ATM

I’m not super-thrilled with some changes to my Chase accounts in the past year, but I was impressed by their new “DepositFriendly” (according to the flyer there is no space) ATMs. The deal with these is that when you make a deposit, you just stick your cash or checks into the ATM, and it automatically calculates the total and deposits the appropriate amount to your account. You don’t even need to feed them in one at a time; it’ll accept a stack of up to 30 checks or 50 bills.

That means:

  • No searching for envelopes
  • No searching for a pen
  • No deposit slips
  • No math
  • You get the geeky joy out of experiencing the wonder of OCR while getting money.

If you’re in my area want to try one out, the Chase at El Camino & Castro Street in Mountain View has the updated ATMs.

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