3 mice

I just made a quick video showing the three different mice that I use with my computer: a Logitech MX1000, an Apple Magic Mouse*, and a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator.

One tip I’d like to add is that for the Magic Mouse, it may at first feel uncomfortable if you are used to a higher mouse. Make sure you lay your hand flat, and it should feel a lot more natural.

And if you were curious about my keyboard, I type on an originalĀ Das Keyboard, which hasĀ no markings on the keys.

While I was having fun recording stuff, I also grabbed a quick video of what the new YouTube uploader looks like in case you haven’t seen it. As your video is uploading, YouTube starts crunching on it right away and shows you the processing progress via a “flipbook” of thumbnails. Pretty neat, and I’m amazed at how quickly YouTube is able to process the videos even as 20 hours are uploaded every minute.

* I accidentally referred to the Apple mouse as a “Mighty Mouse.” Whoops.

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