Strange Final Cut Pro/Boris Title 3D bug

Final Cut Pro’s built-in Boris Title 3D feature has been driving me a little crazy. On my first machine, I couldn’t get any of the buttons (including “Apply”) to activate unless I clicked it about 20 times. So, I moved to a second machine where I ran into an even stranger bug:

If you copy text with a substring of ffi, the i will be omitted. Traffic becomes traffc, and office becomes offc.

Try it and let me know if this happens to you. I’m running FCP 7.0.

3 thoughts on “Strange Final Cut Pro/Boris Title 3D bug”

  1. You’re right. It is not a bug. It is often considered to be a good thing and a perk of Open Type fonts.

    Has anyone figured out a way to make it stop though? I’m working on a project where it is not helpful. I guess I’ll just add a space between ‘f’ and ‘i’ and lower the space font size to make it disappear.

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