My next move

I was able to avoid it for a few years, but I too have been bitten by the startup bug. It’s really weird looking, by the way. Starting Monday, I will be working on running and developing full-time. I quietly founded back in 2008, and the technology has now matured to a point where it’s time for us to start thinking big.

For now, my plan is to stay in the Bay Area until my apartment lease runs out in August. This should give me enough time to finish making some important professional connections in Silicon Valley. After that, as many of you have seen coming for a long time, I’ll be headed back to the East Coast. I’ll be renting out some small office space to finally move out of my apartment, and I also plan on buying a house, so get ready for lots of posts about that in the coming year.

I don’t want to make this a post about leaving Google, but I will quickly note that I have really enjoyed my time there, and I’ll be telling more stories about my experience in later posts. And who knows, maybe someday they’ll show an interest in acquiring I’d certainly be open to having that discussion.

3 thoughts on “My next move”

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