My new favorite story about Nelson

I love the story about Nelson and nail polish, but now I know a better one.

Last weekend, Nelson proposed to Kim. She said yes. Here’s how it went down. Nelson’s friend suggested, as a joke, that Nelson hide the ring in the kitty litter and have Kim find it. Last Saturday, Nelson wrapped the ring in Saran wrap and buried it in the (clean) litter box. Later that night, he asked her to clean the litter box. She didn’t. On Sunday morning, when the litter was no longer clean, she did. After realizing that Kim hadn’t noticed the ring, he told her to put the dirty litter back in the litter box. I can’t imagine what was going through her mind when she complied with his odd request. Finally, she saw the ring.

Sometimes proposals happen at a romantic location like the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where one could argue that a quick “Yes” may come as a result of being caught up in the moment. Nelson’s proposal came after asking Kim to clean a litter box, and then making her put it back after she did. If she said yes after all of that, she must really mean it.

Nelson and Kim, trapped. (In a good way)

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