I’m on the TV!

I’m famous! I looked up at my TV one day a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see one of my photos being displayed on the Chromecast Home Screen.

Brandon took a picture of it on his TV:
TV showing a plasma ball image on the Chromecast Home Screen

I took the photo in 2006 when playing around with a plasma ball and bulb exposures.

A few of my photos are also featured on Google’s internal video conferencing system, but I think it’s even cooler to have something that can get me in living rooms across the country. I’m not sure if Chromebox for Meetings has any of my photos, so if you happen to spot one there, let me know!

By the way, Brandon’s photography skills don’t end at taking pictures of his TV. I’ve seen several of his photographs appear on Chromecast, including this one from our trip to Telluride. I recommend following him on Google+ if you like landscape photography.

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