Halloween Costume 2014: Jim

This year, I made a game day decision to be Jim from the “Employee Transfer” episode of Season 5 of The Office (US version). I didn’t get the tie right, or the shirt, but I did go for the Jim smirk.

Wysz wearing a name tag that says Dave

While I knew it was an obscure costume, for some reason I thought that the authenticity of the name tag was really important. Gotta get that “D” just right:

Lots of name tags that say Dave on them

My dream was to have a conversation like this:

Who are you supposed to be?
Oh, I get it. so your name isn’t really Dave.
No, I’m Michael.
And for Halloween, you’re Dave.
No, for Halloween I’m Jim.

I did not win the costume contest, but someone did ask me if I was from Office Space.

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