shortcuts and alternate URLs

I’ve had a few other domains registered for a while but haven’t publicized them. You may find these two useful:

If you want to go straight to my blog:
If you can’t remember how to spell Wysz:
If you can’t remember how to spell Wysz, and you certainly can’t handle “Wyszdom,” but you want to go straight to my blog:


My photo gallery, called Imagery, is now open for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t have much in it right now; in fact as of this writing I only have one album with some pictures of my K-1000 camera. But now that the hard part is done (installing and configuring Gallery 2), I should be able to add the rest of my library over the coming weeks.

I still have some work to do, such as organizing the photos on my computer, and then figuring out how to allow my family members to add to albums as well, while keeping them from public view. As of this writing I’m not allowing guests to add comments, but I’ll try and change that as soon as a comment moderation feature becomes available.

I only installed Gallery because I wanted to be able to host the photos on my own domain, but I wonder if it’s really worth the trouble when services like Flickr and Picasa Web Albums are so much easier to use, and don’t rely on me to keep everything up and running. I’ll probably end up uploading my photos to all three locations, so that way if I ever prefer one as my primary location in the future, it will already be all set. Plus, redundancy is always an essential part of a good backup strategy.

Please try it out and let me know what you think.


Maybe someday I’ll be a good boy and teach myself how to be a good web developer, but until then, I’m just doing enough to get by. I’m not thrilled with the appearance of my blog yet, and this is due to my lack of skills when it comes to CSS. Since I don’t know of a good WYSIWYG editor that creates nice HTML and CSS that is both affordable and available for Mac, I’m stuck with finding existing code that is close to what I want, and then hacking it a bit. However, even this can be complicated; looking at the rendered page and the source and trying to trace which element everything belongs to. Fortunately, there’s a cool Firefox extension out there called Firebug which helps a lot. To see how it can help, follow these instructions:

  1. Install and enable Firebug.
  2. Select some text on a webpage.
  3. Right-click on the selection and choose “Inspect Element” from the pop-up menu.

That should be enough to get you started. Check out a screenshot of the interface.

Update: I’m testing Firefox 3 right now so none of my extensions are working. The “Inspect Element” feature of Safari is filling in pretty well. It should already be available if the debug menu is enabled.

Wyszdom – The Podcast!

After over a year since the last episode, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve brought back my podcast! Formerly known as Absolute Wyszdom, I’ve renamed it “Wyszdom” and it’s now hosted right here on

You can subscribe to the podcast with this URL:
or by clicking here to subscribe in iTunes.

Let me know how you like it! Here’s my first new episode:

As you may have noticed at the end, this episode also launches a new section of my site, informally known as “Chicken and Ketchup.” It’s where I’ll share recipes. Check it out at I had a lot of fun with this first shot at a cooking show, so look for more to come. Maybe I’ll try to do a couple more next weekend.!

After purchasing this domain nearly a year ago, I have finally added some content to This is my new blog, and it’s called Wyszdom. It’s not my first time blogging, but there are a couple of things that are new to me with this one:

  1. You can post comments.
  2. I can post from any computer or even via email, so I’m not limited to being on my personal computer to update.

I hope to use this site to learn how to be a better webmaster, with access to many more tools than I had with .Mac, which my old site ran on. My first step is learning WordPress, but look for photo/video content as well in the near future as I get things up and running around here. Thanks for stopping by!