The Storm

Lately I’ve refrained from constantly making fun of California, even as Nelson has recently become quite the little jokester when it comes to talking about the East Coast. He has the great bit about how the East Coast would react to sunshine.

But today something happened that I felt like sharing. Note that the exchange below is paraphrased and did not actually include a hyperlink.

Nelson: You added a question to the Moderator page for today’s presentation, right?
Me: Well, I had, but I deleted it since it’s no longer relevant. I posted it a few weeks ago before the meeting was postponed. Remember they rescheduled it?
Erin: Oh, yeah, on the day of the storm.

“The Storm?” I wondered to myself as I tried to think back to that day and figure out what she meant. Was it a sporting event that I was unaware of? The name of a Google event I forgot to attend?

Then, I remembered something about that day.

Me: You mean the time that it rained?

We had a good laugh as she confirmed my assumption. I then had one more question:

Me: But we didn’t cancel the meeting because of the rain, right?


If you’ve watched Conan recently, you may have seen him make fun of how Californians react to the rain. It’s not far from the truth:

To those of you who are trying to watch the clips outside of the US or after they expire, I apologize for using Hulu.

P.S. I like California.

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