I keep forgetting to pay my power bill because everything else is paid automatically. Here’s why this bill is paid manually.

The auto-pay page, while hidden, starts out well:

Auto Pay is a convenient, hassle-free way to pay your bill.

Cool. Sign me up!

To enroll in Auto Pay, please fill out the Automated Payment Authorization form, print, sign and fax it to…


To be fair, I could mail it instead.

High latency conversation

Bill and I don’t talk much now that we’re not in the same apartment or even the same city, but in December, we had a lot to talk about. Here’s an unedited exchange of text messages; our only communication during this period:

Me: Happy birthday hahaha you are so old! (Dec. 15, 13 12:39 PM)
Me: I’m still in my 20s (Dec. 15, 13 12:39 PM)
Bill: Not any more. Happy birthday. (Dec. 31, 13 11:40 AM)

Know your customer

“Hey, have you ever tried meatballs with Cheetos?”

This is what the sandwich artist at Subway asked me tonight as if it’s something he really thought I’d like. He then explained how they make the meal nice and crunchy. I thought this was a funny thing to ask a seemingly random customer, but then after I thought about it, I realized that I probably would like that.