Terrible Blogging Parent

Back in the day, one of the staples of my blog was publishing snippets of online conversations. I’m bringing that back. Here we go:

Leah: i have a friend who thought independence mall was an actual mall
Leah: that sounded like something you would have blogged about
Wysz: probably
Wysz: oh
Wysz: someone said something stupid the other day
Wysz: i forget what it was
Wysz: but now that i think about it, i should have blogged it
Wysz: oh, yesterday
Wysz: on the plane
Wysz: a kid looked out the window, and said “mom, look, a plane!”
Wysz: at a frickin airport
Wysz: kids are so dumb
Leah: how old was he
Wysz: like 2 or 3, but still
Wysz: it’s an airport
Wysz: idiot
Leah: then he gets a pass
Leah: you’re going to make a terrible parent

3 thoughts on “Terrible Blogging Parent”

  1. yeah, definitely don’t have kids…but I have to admit that I totally LOL’ed while reading this post.

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