I need to move back to the East Coast

I didn’t want this new blog to turn into a complaintfest like my previous blogging attempts have, but I don’t know how many more cross-country flights I can handle. I’ve written about having to listen to in-flight commercials before, but it bothered me so much on a recent flight, when all I wanted to do was relax, that I would have asked the flight attendant to turn it off if I thought that would accomplish anything. Maybe I was just irritated that they had just announced the in-flight movie was Something’s Gotta Give, a movie that in additon to being for people completely outside my demographic, was released four years ago. Plus I had already seen it.

4 thoughts on “I need to move back to the East Coast”

  1. Maybe your family should move to the West Coast. Aren’t your noise canceling headphones enough to drown out all of the noise and distractions?

  2. Yes, Reid, moving my entire family instead of just me sounds very practical.

    Unfortunately the headphones aren’t enough to drown out anything but background noise.

  3. Hmm, well your family could be like mine and split the difference. Live in St. Louis, with children in California and New York. Aside from the flooding and crime, St. Louis is a great city!

  4. And by “already seen it” you mean “watched it 4 times during the previous weekend, and 9 times the weekend before.”

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