Perfect post for the “miscellaneous” category

My mother was recently invited to a “miscellaneous” bridal shower. I had never heard of such a thing, but then again I don’t get invited to a lot of bridal showers. Apparently at a miscellaneous shower your gift isn’t expected to fit any particular theme. If I were ever invited to a shower that was explicitly labeled as “miscellaneous,” I would try to bring the most random item possible. Maybe a handful of receipts that I found in my car for miscellaneous items. This is probably why I haven’t been invited to many bridal showers.

There was also no time listed on the invitation. I guess you’re supposed to show up at any miscellanous time. 3:41 is always good.

2 thoughts on “Perfect post for the “miscellaneous” category”

  1. I beg to differ. Show up at, say, 8:22 am. That’s totally miscellaneous; and surprising.

    BTW, my wife would like to be a guest on one of your cooking shows. Can you make that happen?

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