Should women be independent?

I often feel like I know nothing about life, as simple tasks such as laundry can leave me hopelessly confused. But then once in a while I hear a story from one of my friends that reminds me I’m not alone in my troubles with daily life. For example, I now know I’m not alone in avoiding situations where tipping is involved. Many of us can’t stand the awkwardness and lack of standards.

I just read Koklynn’s first blog entry about building a cabinet, and I can’t wait for part 2. Stuff like this makes a guy who cooks soup in a frying pan feel a little more normal:

It said, “Apply some glue and lightly tapping the dowel until 5/16″ visible.” Never mind the bad grammar…what I read was “Apply some glue and lightly tapping the dowel until 5/16 visible.” If you missed the difference, I didn’t see that it was supposed to be 5/16th of an inch. Instead, I spent 5 minutes pulling my hair out trying to figure out why someone would use that kind of fraction for this tiny piece of wood…

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4 thoughts on “Should women be independent?”

  1. good job showing me another blog that I will be addicted to checking and end up wasting tons of time reading…I am reporting you to my manager at my next 1:1…you are a primary source for my unproductiveness =)

  2. oh, and these controversial titles for your posts really lure me in =) I am a sucker for the, “Geez, I wonder what Wysz is thinking now!” effect

  3. I dunno Sandy – I’m not really sure why the post is titled “Should women be independent?” “Should Wysz be independent” would be more appropriate.

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