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I don’t intend to use Twitter right now (though I agree it is arguably useful/cool), but I like to claim the username “Wysz” on any service that I might want to use at some point in the future. So I figured I’d go ahead and register it on this microblogging thingamajig. It looked like it would only take a few seconds to register (as it should), but at one screen I was about 10 seconds away from giving up and not registering. Here’s what I saw, an option to check if any of my email contacts were already using Twitter:


I didn’t want to give a third party my email account information, and I didn’t want to spam my friends either. So I clicked ‘continue.’

Twitter then told me that I missed something:


Ugh. I had noticed in the upper-right a ‘skip’ option, but honestly I clicked ‘continue’ because it was closer to my cursor. And, in my personal opinion, that should have worked. But it didn’t, so I was forced to find my way to the tiny link to get me past this step:


After that, all I had to do was write my first status update, and that was it. I have enough trouble populating a blog and podcast, but who knows, maybe someday you’ll see constant updates on twitter/wysz.

4 thoughts on “Twitter registration”

  1. Ugh…totally annoying! That “skip” is sooooooo tiny and not even in user’s line of sight…I guess that is the point, huh? You have eye’s like a hawk, Wysz =)

  2. This reminds me of Mike’s post about giving out email addresses to try and win a free ticket. Seems to be a seemingly innocent way of ‘spreading the word about Twitter’, but rather a clever way to harvest more email addys. I’m glad you saw right through them! In contrast, some of my friends on Facebook don’t and end up inviting their entire buddy list to the dumb facbeook app they signed up for.

  3. Trying to get registered is ridiculous, and runs the user in circles repeating same steps. Needed to reset Password, but neversaw a PW reassignment page. So, what the. . . ‚Ä©Wil

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