Airline passenger pet peeves

I’m sitting in the Philadelphia Airport waiting for my flight and I thought I’d test out posting via email with a couple of pet peeves related to air travel. They all focus on selfish passengers not caring about others. Of course these people are everywhere (ever seen a crowd told “no flash” or “only take one item” without enforcement?), but for some reason I notice them the most when traveling.

1. Lining up at the gate before one’s zone/row is called. It’s seriously gotten to the point where by the time they announce pre-boarding, the entire room is standing around the door. I sometimes have to ask, “Are you standing in line or next to the line?” As a result, people end up boarding in a random order and it can take 45 minutes to get everyone seated.

2. Putting small items which could fit under one’s seat in the overhead bins. ┬áThis causes delays and inconvenience.

3. Headphone volume so loud that it may as well be playing through the P.A. system. The worst part is these people can’t take a hint, even if the “hint” is “Your headphones are too loud.”

4. Grabbing on to my seatback as you walk down the aisle. This has interruped my sleep, pulled my hair, and sent me into a general state of annoyance. If someone can’t make it down the aisle without assistance, they should raise their hands another couple feet and use the bins. Just like the flight attendants.

Note: Post by email did not work. Getting PHP errors.

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