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Earlier, I complained about plastic clamshell packaging. Seth Godin has figured it out. I hope people also pay attention to the sticker thing. The first thing I do when I get a camera is remove the stickers and turn off the beeps.

And in case you were curious, here’s the reply I got from the toothbrush manufacturer after complaining:

[We]┬árecently started enclosing replacement heads in PETG plastic so customers could “see” what they are purchasing. The plastic, which is approved for recycling, also ensures retailers that our products are secure. We do realize, however, that the plastic packing can be difficult to remove, and we are continuing our effort to develop packaging that is “friendly” all around-to the consumer, the retailer and the environment.

We want you to know that our customers mean a great deal to us, and we take your feedback seriously. I will forward your comments to the appropriate department.

Please follow the below steps to open the package of the heads.

1. Hold package with front of package facing you. Using a sturdy pair of scissors carefully cut at the bottom right hand corner on the left side of the sealed edge going up.
2. Once you cut over the edge and about two inches up, insert lower blade of scissors between the opening that separates the package front and back.
3. Continue cutting the single layer of plastic in an upward direction until you pass the top of the toothbrush.
4. Then, turn and cut in a single layer across the top of the package to the left.
5. Now separate the front and back of the package layers to remove the brushes.

Let us know if we can help you in the future.

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