Online haircuts

My name is not easy to spell. I’m used to this, and am not offended when people have trouble. I’ve spelled it incorrectly myself. However, there are times when the proper spelling of my identity really does count: email. I was giving my email address over the phone yesterday, and after I hung up, wondered if I would ever receive the message. The primary address that I usually give out to people is But if I simply say it, someone might think that “Wysz” is spelled “Wiz.” Or, if I spell it out, it could become “Wifc.” Fortunately, I did get the message, but I decided to take action to make the process go smoother in the future.

So how did I address this? Well, first I needed a domain name that was easy to type and hear over the phone. should work. Next, all I needed was a name. Wysz is too complicated, and I’ve seen people misspell Michael. Bob is easy. Yes, onlinehaircuts, all one word. Yes, “Bob” as in The Bobs.

I can’t wait to use it. Matt already thought it was hilarious; you should have seen him laughing.

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  1. I didn’t have a chance to work on anything tonight, since we had a friend in town visiting. Don’t worry, though, I am cooking up ideas for, involving web 2.0 wiki moblogging mashups to monetize the social long tail network cloud.

  2. Oh, and Beah also reminded me that I could have just signed up for an easier-to-spell Gmail account name. Would have been free. 🙂

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